Strength & sophistication


Door lock — Maryborough Bay Glass & Aluminium in Maryborough, QLD
Flies, mosquitoes, thieves and vandals-they're all the same in that we don't want them inside our property. They're also all preventable with customised security screens and doors by Maryborough Bay Glass & Aluminium. We locally manufacture a range of security products for homes and businesses throughout the Fraser Coast.

Our security products include:
• Security doors
• Grilles
• Pet Doors
• Stainless steel screens & doors
• Customised security screens (diamond grille & flat aluminium)
• Flyscreens

Technology has changed a bit since our days on Morning Street. Protecting your premises no longer involves prison cell bars across every window. Now, we combine state-of-the-art, impenetrable stainless steel mesh with discreet designs.

When we create a security door or screen, safety is guaranteed-design elegance is just an added bonus. And when our tropical climate brings mosquitoes to town, you'll be thankful you had insect and flyscreens installed by Maryborough Bay Glass & Aluminium.